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Born in Auckland New Zealand

Lives & works in Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand


I am a child of a Dutch Mother and a New Zealand father and as such I am a child of the world. Travel and colour have been my thing after my motherhood responsibilities faded.

My passions are travel and colour, my travel being reflected in my abstract urban landscapes where colour and scale are dominate features. My art shows my positive approach to life.

I like to express myself and show the luck and good fortune my life represents. Colour is an explosive way of portraying positiveness and beauty, which is a great way for me to experiment.

Due to travel and substantial injuries I have been away from my passion for over 6 years however with my health back in tip-top shape I have be able to resumed my practice. I use expressive and explosive colour to emphasize these aspects of my life.

Exhibitions & Festivals


2012: 2042 King St, Newtown,Sydney.

2012: Between Dreams and Discovery,  Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

2012:View Art Show. St Ignatius college Sydney.

2012: Croma Minature Prize Exhibition, Sydney Gallery School.

2011 TO THE EDGE  Tap gallery, Sydney, Paddington.

2011  TRANSMUTE  Gaffa Gallery, Sydney.

2011  THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT HOME Tap Gallery, Paddington.

2011  Launch-2010 Graduates of the Sydney Gallery School. March17-April 1

2010  MCAAA October 14-21. Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank.

2010   Flight   September 19th-25. Hardware Gallery, Enmore.

2010  Spatial Tension June 17-24. Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank.

2010  Starting Grid. May 13-20. Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank.

2010  ‘One Up’, February 1-25 Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank.

2009  ‘ exposed ’ May 13-20 Exhibition, Canteen Project Space, Meadowbank.

2009   MCAAA, August 13th-20th 2009, Meadowbank. 

2006   Thistle Hill Winery, Mudgee Art Show, Mudgee

2005   Thistle Hill Winery, Mudgee Art Show. Mudgee.